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If you are experiencing distracting voice levels, lack of voice privacy, or loud reverberant spaces, Office One Acoustic Solutions can be the missing piece in your acoustic solution puzzle.

As a family-owned business, Office One has brought quiet, comfort and productivity to companies in nearly every industry and market for three decades. Long term relationships, innovative consulting and cutting edge products are our strengths. We can help identify your acoustic problems and provide the optimum solution that will work best for your space, at very competitive pricesWe believe form should follow function, in everything we do. Our goal is to provide our customers with a work space that is top performing and great to work in.  Quiet – Comfortable – Productive.

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Sound Masking

Office One Acoustic Solutions  is an Authorized Distributor for

Experience the most technologically-advanced Sound Masking.

Real Time Active Volume Control.
Measures voice activity in your office and imperceptibly and gradually adjusts the masking to match the voice levels. Never too Loud, Never too quiet.

Automatic Equalization. Other systems are subjectively adjusted by an installers ear. Soft dB technology measures the unique acoustical characteristics of each room and automatically adjusts to the perfect masking sound. This eliminates the possibility of ineffective or harsh sounding masking common to other systems. Always top performing, comfortable, imperceptible.

Integrated Paging or Background Music. Global or zoned paging can run through the Masking system. Replaces Hot Spots created by surface mounted paging speakers with evenly distributed, clear non obtrusive paging.

Wireless Network capabilities. Simplifies and lowers the cost of future expansion. Provides greater user control.

A smart choice for all businesses where overheard conversations can become a distraction or create a breach of privacy.

Open Office Spaces

Increases comfort and productivity by reducing unintentionally overheard conversations.

Modular and Drywall Offices

Create speech privacy when walls are poorly insulated or are not built to the deck

Car Dealerships

Increases privacy for dealer/customer conversations being overheard by others in the same process.

Healthcare Facilities

Increase HIPAA Patient medical privacy compliance.

Call Centers

Greatly reduces distractions between occupants.

Insurance Agencies

Prevent overhearing confidential client information.

Education Facilities

Create quiet environments conducive to focused studies.

Architects & Designers

Provide high value Acoustic Solutions for client projects.

General Contractors

Eliminate the need for constructing walls to the deck, extra insulation and drywall layers.

What is sound masking?

In office spaces, the background noise level is generally low. Hence, people unintentionally overhear conversations – a difficult situation for all concerned. To address this problem, sound masking systems emit a soft, inconspicuous background sound. The ambient sound level becomes more uniform and otherwise noisy distractions are muffled by the sound masking..

Sound masking makes undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible. The result: Employees are less distracted, they are able to concentrate better, and their productivity rises measurably!

Radius of Distraction

Become a Reseller or Specifier

If you are an Architect, Electrical or General Contractor or Acoustic Consultant, consider writing a Soft dB sound masking system into your customer’s specifications. Sound masking is a great addition in either new buildouts or retrofitting existing workspaces.

Soft dB sound masking systems complement the existing products and services offered to your customer.

We can represent you as your Acoustic Solutions Professional or train you to handle the presentation and installation process as an authorized reseller.

Providing sound masking is a great way to increase your company’s bottom line and strengthen your position as a solutions provider to your clients. We provide the design and customized drawings to present to your clients. We supply full phone support. We even supply full installation!

For a quick picture of what it would look like to partner with us, give us a call or fire off an email.

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Acoustic Treatments

Decorative Acoustics

Often times, in highly reverberant office areas, acoustic treatments are a great way of increasing the effectiveness of Sound Masking.  We can turn acoustic solutions into a design element.

Commercial & Industrial Acoustics

High-Bay Office Designs and Warehouse or Manufacturing Facilities can accentuate noise levels. Our commercial and Industrial Acoustic products drastically reduce noise levels.